Category: Pizza and Pasta

Indian Pasta

I had Indian pasta for the first time in my office cafeteria 4 years and kind of liked it ! I have about 8 different varieties of pasta in my kitchen cupboard and slowly finishing them off to make more space. Last night I made Indian pasta and it was a big hit with my…

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Mini Pizza

I made this because my daughter had a slice of store bought pizza and she really liked it. God bless the person who posted the recipe of two ingredient pizza dough. Recipe of pizza sauce is simple too and takes very little time to prepare. Pizza dough: Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour 1/4 cup…

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Spinach and Peas Farfalle

A super quick pasta recipe this is with spinach and peas. After boiling some farfalle pasta, I realised that I don’t have any fancy cheese at home. All I had was mild cheddar cheese slice singles. I didn’t want to change the menu so went ahead with that cheese slice. Ingredients: 1 cup of pasta,…

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