Category: Breakfast

Pancakes Platter

Sharing platters are a big hit with Tara. She loves the colours and is enjoying the whole eating experience while eating together with the adults. On the plate: 1. White chocolate pancakes, recipe below. 2. Strawberries 3. Blueberries 4. Peaches 5. Raspberries 6. Butter 7. Syrup Recipe for white chocolate pancakes: Mix together the following…

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Mini Energy Balls

I made a small batch of these mini balls or laddoos yesterday and my home smells divine. Instead of using the nuts as it is, I roasted them in a bit of ghee (you can use butter too) and that made a huge difference to taste. Tara gobbled up a couple of them before I…

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Banana and Avocado Mousse

Did you know that millions of bananas are thrown away each day because they are overripe? I was shocked to read this because there are so many things you can do with overripe bananas. Some of them are:Freezing to add to smoothies 🌟Banana bread/muffins 🌟Puddings 🌟Pancakes 🌟French toast 🌟An incredibly silky and smooth mousse One…

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