Ways to Serve Bread

I got a couple of DMs from my friends about their kids being fussy eaters. So starting today, every Wednesday is going to be dedicated for “Ways to serve a food” post. I took the liberty to start with bread. Please do send me a DM or head over to my stories if there’s any food type for which you need this kind of a ways to serve picture, recipes plus tips.

Almost all of our kids go through a phase of fussy eating. It can range from refusing foods of a certain color or texture to going on a hunger strike until something else is offered. There’s nothing to panic! It’s very common and some simple changes can actually help us deal with it ! Sounds easy but I know it’s hard as I went through it myself with my little girl and here’s some tips that I learnt from my own experience.


1. Cookie cutters are an investment and not an expense! Try out fun shapes.

2. Upgrading the basic cheese sandwich into a roll up (place a slice of cheese or even fruit on a bread, roll it up, paste the ends with water, dip in egg mixture and toast) is a good start !

3. Serving size makes a big difference. My daughter hates one big sandwich on a plate. Start with one small star shaped sandwich and offer that with a fruit or something that they love.

4. Eating together is another amazing practice. If they see us eat something and enjoy it, I’m sure they’ll copy us.

5. Try not to force them as it’s important to have a wonderful relationship with food ! Let me tell you something. As a kid, I was force fed bread and cucumber sandwich by an aunt. I’m in my 30s and I still hate it!

It’s okay to refuse if they totally dislike a particular food. We too would have had our likes and dislikes as a child and we ended up fine 🤪. Keep offering it once a week along with their favourite food. They’ll eventually try it ! Offering them new foods is quite hard for them to process, just like a first day for us at a new job.

Ways to serve bread:

1. Nutella open toast .

2. Heart shaped pb&j

3. Star shaped toast with cheese on top

4. Classic toast sticks with butter

5. Cheese and seasoning roll up French toast

6. French toast bites

Breakfast Snacks Ways to serve

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