Snacks Simplified – No Cook Options

Hands up if you’re in a snacks rut at least three times a day !! Tara is a big snack eater, so big that 15 minutes after lunch, she asks for “Ssack”. I definitely give her store bought snacks (responsibly shopped) as it’s not possible to always make things from scratch at home !

This post is mainly to assure you that there’s no need to stress when it comes to making snacks. Honestly, I didn’t buy a single item specifically for including in this post! It’s all what I had in the refrigerator or cupboard, slightly decorated to make it attractive and interesting.

All of the following snacks takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. They don’t require cooking, just chop/blend and serve !

1. Fruits: Fruits make an excellent snack. Serve it as it is; cut into fun shapes; make a fruit salad etc. To make it more filling, serve with yoghurt dip or drizzle some cheese or honey! Nut butters pair well with fruits like banana, pear, apple etc. Watermelon with feta and cracked black pepper is an excellent snack! For added nutrition, sprinkle chia seeds or milled flax seeds.

2. Energy balls or bliss balls: this snack is Tara’s most favourite one ! She eats faster than I can roll the balls🤣. It’s simple and straight forward- blitz oats or coconut flour with your choice of nuts and seeds. For a wet element, include dates or raisins. Honey or date syrup works well too ! You can make it any flavour you like with whatever you have in the cupboard. Include aromatics like cardamom or cinnamon if you like !

3. Dry cereal: do you check the ingredients and sugar content while buying cereal? If no, start doing that immediately ! Breakfast cereals make a good munching snack so choose the ones with low sugar. Glucose/inverted syrup/corn syrup are just fancy names for sugar, so be alert !! I usually buy kids cereal from Kellogg’s, there’s no added sugar or preservatives.

4. Crackers: There are plenty of responsibly made low salt good quality crackers available in supermarkets. What you see in this picture is regular cheese crackers, as that’s what I had in the cupboard. My daughter is a fan of all things cheese so topping crackers with a bit of grated cheese and fresh herbs works well.

5. Rice crackers: This is one of those versatile snack items that’s always in my cupboard. Rice crackers can be topped with a variety of items like jam, nut butters, cheese, mashed avocado etc along with a sprinkle of seeds. If you don’t have rice crackers, you can use the items stated above with low sugar biscuits like Marie biscuits or tea biscuits.

6. Pappdam: this is another item that’s always in my cupboard. Simply microwave for a minute and top it with chopped cucumber, tomatoes, red onions or just plain cheese and basil, like what I’ve made in the picture.

7. Toast: This is one of the quickest snack! You can use any filling that you like. It doesn’t have to be Nutella or sugary processed foods all the time ! Cucumber and cheese, mashed banana and peanut butter, peanut butter and homemade strawberry chia jam, grated carrot and hummus are some of the wonderfully healthy options. Sprinkle seeds and boost the goodness.

8. Veggie sticks and hummus: We love hummus! My daughter calls it dip dip and loves to dip in fresh cut vegetables like carrots (steam for younger babies), coloured peppers, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, baby radish etc. Since I make hummus quite frequently, I usually have a spare cup of cooked chickpeas in my freezer. Simply soak chickpeas overnight, cook the next day and freeze once cooled. You can defrost and make hummus anytime !

9. The humble yoghurt: oh the humble yoghurt! So simple, so much goodness! Sprinkle nuts and honey to make sweet and crunchy yoghurt or serve leftover vegetable dry curry or sabzi with yoghurt, it’ll never disappoint. You can also blend it with some fruits to make a nice fresh fruit yoghurt.

Happy snacking!

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