Saffron and Cardamom Eggy Bread

Tara’s and Mummy’s breakfast:

1. Saffron and cardamom eggy bread

2. Bananas with chia seeds

3. Strawberries with mini marshmallows

Plus a good book to read !

I guess this is the first time I made proper eggy bread. I usually make it vegan but I had a carton of eggs that my husband bought and didn’t bother to eat. Tara was delighted to see real eggs and broke 3. I don’t eat eggs because I don’t like it and I come from a pretty orthodox family where we are strictly vegetarians, minus the eggs. Since I don’t like eggs, I loaded it up with my favourite flavours.



1. 4 slices of bread, cut in squares

2. 1 large egg, beaten

3. Splash of milk

4. 1 tsp cardamom powder. If you’re using whole cardamom, crush it using a mortar and pestle

5. Pinch of saffron

6. Pinch of nutmeg

7. Butter to cook


1. To a lightly beaten egg, add some milk, saffron, nutmeg and cardamom powder. Mix it well.

2. Dip each piece of bread in the mixture and cook on a hot pan using butter.

3. Serve with fruits.

Breakfast Snacks

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