2 Ingredients Naan with a Paneer Curry

Lunch plate:

1. Paneer and assorted peppers curry

2. 2 ingredients Naan 🌟

I’m someone who believes that a good curry can bring enormous amounts of joy 🤪. This curry was made in 15 minutes in my @drewandcoleuk multi cooker. I gifted one to myself this year new and I think that’s the best purchase I made !

This curry is made with paneer, an Indian cottage cheese made by curdling milk with an acid based ingredient like lemon. Store bought panner works too! 📍To make it softer, immerse paneer in hot water for 5-10 minutes and watch it magically turn soft and smooth.

Paneer is rich in protein and prevents teeth from harmful cavities. It’s good for weight loss and is diabetic friendly, making it an ingredient that can be enjoyed by the whole family. .

🌟Recipe for curry🌟


1. 1 pack paneer, about 200 grams

2. 1 medium onion, sliced

3. 2 bell peppers, sliced. Use any colour that you prefer. I used red and yellow.

4. Butter to cook

5. 1/4 cup cream

6. Salt to taste

7. Dry spice powders: 1 tsp each of cumin powder, coriander powder, paprika, turmeric and garam masala.

8. 1 tbsp fresh ginger and garlic paste


1. Heat butter in a pan (if using @drewandcoleuk multi cooker, use Sauté and Roast mode) and fry ginger garlic paste and onions.

2. Once translucent, add peppers and sauté for a few minutes.

3. Throw in the dry spice powders, salt and sauté for 1 minute.

4. Add paneer chunks and cream and let it boil for 2-3 minutes.

5. Serve with store bought naan or homemade 2 ingredients naan. .

🌟Recipe for 2 Ingredients Naan🌟

1. Make a non sticky dough with self raising flour and Greek yoghurt. Use a 2:1 ratio for this.

2. Roll into a circle and using cookie cutters, cut into heart shapes.

3. Place them on a hot pan and brush with a bit of water on top. You may sprinkle some sesame seeds and coriander and stick it to the naan. This is optional.

4. Shallow fry with butter until golden.

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe. ❤️.

📍Suitable from 1 year onwards.

📍Paneer is made with cows milk so watch out for allergens.

📍To make it vegan, use tofu instead and skip cream.

Curries Lunch and Dinner

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