Noddles With 7 Veggies

One pot noodles dish with lots of veggies for a child who refuses to eat veggies as is most days. .




1. 1.5 cup of cooked noodles

2. 1 cup of mixed veggies. I used carrots, beans, mushrooms, red pepper, orange pepper, cabbage, corn

3. 2 cloves of chopped garlic

4. 1 tsp soy sauce

5. Salt and Paprika to taste

6. 2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

7. Oil to sauté

8. 2 tbsp crushed peanuts, optional

9. 1 tbsp sesame

10. 2 tbsp flax meal

11. Spring onion .


1. Heat oil in a pan and fry garlic.

2. Add the veggies and once cooked, add sauces, salt, paprika and crushed peanuts.

3. Add cooked noodles, sesame, flax meal and spring onion. Serve warm.

Lunch and Dinner

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