Gruffalo Dosa

Today my daughter had a really disturbed sleep. Poor thing woke up at 5 and wanted me to play. I put her back to sleep at 7, woke up, went for a run and had nothing else to do. We read Gruffalo book last night so I decided to make some fun gruffalo dosa this morning.


  1. Dosa batter
  2. Cheese slices for ears, teeth, horns
  3. Edible eyes
  4. Coconut sugar to sprinkle


    Make a dosa thats almost oval in shape.
    Once done, sprinkle coconut sugar all over and decorate with sliced cheese and edible eyes.

Now some of you may have a question as to how to make dosa batter.

Soak Idli rice and Urad dal in 3:1 ratio along with a teaspoon of fenugreek and 1/2 cup of poha or flattened rice for 5 hours. Grind into smooth batter, add salt and let it ferment for 8 hours. Refrigerate and use for a week.

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