Peek-a-boo Popsicles

My daughter loves Lotus Biscoff spread. When she just started walking, she opened the kitchen cupboard, opened a jar of lotus spread and started eating it.

I don’t give her too much of store bought spreads because they are loaded with sugar, empty calories and preservatives. It’s been a year since she had lotus biscoff so today I made popsicles for her using her favourite Bear Nibbles multigrain alphabet cereal, lotus biscoff spread and full fat milk.

It’s very simple but tastes real good.


  1. Kids cereal or any cereal like choco pops
  2. Full fat milk or any other milk
  3. Lotus spread

I’m not giving the measurements in here because it totally depends on the size of popsicle moulds that you’ll be using and ratios that your child will like.


  1. Heat milk along with lotus spread in a microwave for a couple of seconds and mix it well such that they are well blended. Lotus spread is usually pretty thick.
  2. Pop the milk mixture along with cereals in popsicle moulds and serve frozen.

A gentle note: Always use good quality popsicle moulds. Mine is from Nuk by Annabel Karmel.

Suitable from 1 year onwards.


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