About Jan

Hi ! This is Jan, a not so new comer to the world of blogging. I am a Law Grad who worked in India for a couple of years and later tagged along with the Mr and my beautiful little bundle of happiness, Tara and moved temporarily to UK. When I was a working mum back in India, I juggled between work and home and I didn’t have much exposure to this incredible concept of baby led weaning. All I had was a high chair, strict instructions to my mother and mother in law on what to feed the child and that’s it! Once I moved to UK and became a full time mum, I understood that there’s a lot more than just feeding fruits and vegetables to the child. I learnt that its very important to let the child explore tastes on their own and let them be as independent as possible when it comes to their meal times. I quickly adapted and started to implement baby led weaning and we live happily ever after….

In this blog, I will share a lot of traditional Indian meal ideas, weekly meal plans, my adaptations of recipes that the amazing super mums post on Insta/Blogs (I actually wish I could eat them) and whatever comes to my mind over a period of time and with blogging experience.

The whole aim is to keep the blog as interactive as possible. Feel free to add your suggestions, feedback, comments, alternate ingredients and anything you feel like!

Welcome to me!

….. Jan

About Jan

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